Past Energy Club Events

Summer Energy Chat

Russell Gold

Russell Gold, The Wall Street Journal

October 6, 2020

Russell Gold is the author of two books – The Boom and Superpower – and is a two-time finalist for a Pulitzer Prize. He has covered the energy beat for 15 years and in 2020 will inaugurate a new beat for the Journal: Climate change and business.

Summer Energy Chat

Optimization, Simulation, and Machine Learning in Modern Power System Analysis

Feng Qui, Argonne National Lab

July 20, 2020

This talk will try to give a sampler of trending methodologies and applications in modern power system research by introducing a number of research projects at Argonne National Lab. We will focus on optimization and machine learning technologies and their applications in system operations, resilience, cyber security, cloud computing, etc. Instead of digging into technical details, we will go through as many trending research topics as possible at a high level, e.g., motivations, challenges, innovations, and impacts, hoping to present a representative sketch of the modern power system research to the audience.

Summer Energy Chat

Advanced Analytics to Improve Power Grid Resilience

Guenter Conzelmann, Argonne National Lab

July 13, 2020

Speaker Profile: here

Presentation Available: here

Today’s talk will focus on Argonne’s advanced data analytics and modeling and simulation-based research that is designed to help make our power grid infrastructure more resilient to extreme events. Guenter will provide a brief introduction of the concept of resilience, describe the current and evolving threat/hazard landscape, summarize some of Argonne’s key infrastructure analytics and modeling tools, and showcase how these capabilities have been applied recently for a variety of customers for enhanced situational awareness, operator training and large-scale exercises, and improved operations and planning

Georgia Tech Southeastern Energy Conference

When: March 5 & 6

Where: Klaus Advanced Computing Building

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Theme: This year our conference will be hosted in Klaus, with the theme of Energy Transitions

Overview: The Energy Expo was created as a means to bring together students, faculty, researchers, and industry experts from Georgia Tech and greater the Atlanta community who all shared a similar interest in the state of energy in the Southeast. As the Expo has grown and evolved, we have partnered with the Georgia Tech Strategic Energy Institute and expanded our focus to include the evolution of energy innovations in the United States as well the impacts these innovations can have on the world.

Mission: Our overarching goal for the Expo each year has been to provide a platform for those interested in energy to come together, share their passions and wisdom, and most importantly, learn from each other.