Welcome to the Energy Club!

What we do:

Our main event are weekly Energy Chats where an invited speaker will present on an area of their work in the energy landscape.  We try to bring events that will present an energy topic that touches the technology, economics, and policy.

In the spring we host the Southeastern Energy Conference where we have several invited speakers and panel sessions and a poster session and more.

We have a team participating in the DOE Solar District Cup and an ongoing project in collaboration with GTRI.  We’re always looking to grow and offer more opportunities for our members.  Let us know your ideas or participate in any activities we already offer.

Why you should join:

The Energy Club will teach you the complex interactions in the energy landscape: technology, economics, and policy.  You will be better prepared to energy the industry and have a more holistic perspective of this crucial infrastructure.

We would love it if you joined the club and participated in any way you’re interested in.  We are always looking to grow and if you have an idea for an event, topic, project, etc. that you want to do as part of the club, we have the ability to sponsor your ideas.

Join the Club

  • The best way to follow all Energy Club events is to signup for our newsletter.

For all other inquiries about the club, contact our club President, Sathappan Somasundaram.

Ongoing project:

GT Interactive Piezoelectric Sidewalk

The Energy Club is working with Georgia Tech to design a piezoelectric sidewalk installation to display on campus later this year. If you’re interested in participating on the team, an interest form is available here.

As a part of the team, tasks you may be involved in include: 

  • Design of the tile and its electronics, including circuit board design and integration with solar panels, batteries, the piezoelectric elements, etc. 
  • Programming of the tile’s electronics 
  • Fundraising for the project 
  • Engagement with campus administration such as GT Facilities 

Mission Statement

The Energy Club seeks to inspire and prepare the next generation of individuals knowledgeable in the complex interaction energy-related world. We strive to bring together the technology, policy and business of the energy landscape to better understand the issues and contribute to the dialogue. We offer a great opportunity to get involved and network with many influential energy leaders on campus and across the country. The interdisciplinary nature of the topic ensures that there is something for everyone in the club. We cater to all majors and both graduate and undergraduate students.